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    News from Big Family Mission...
    (Please note that information on our website does not reveal the names
    and locations of children whom we are working with in Russian
    orphanages.  If we use names or locations, we have changed the names
    to protect the personal identity of the children.  If you would like to
    receive our regular email updates, please subscribe to our newsletter
    and updates.

    Short-term mission trips to Russia...
    Big Family Mission no longer sponsors mission trips to Russia, but we can
    provide you with information about our ministry partner who does an excellent
    job of providing this opportunity.  Click here:  Mission Trips.    

    Latvian/Russian hosting program for summer 2013
    Considering a mission trip?
    Why not let the “mission” come to you?
        Big Family Mission partners with organizations who bring Latvian, and
    Ukrainian orphans to the U.S. to spend their vacation with Christian families.
    Through this program, orphans will be coming to live with host families
    throughout the U.S. for 4 to 5 weeks.
        Adoption is not the objective of the program, but many of the children who
    come for hosting are ultimately adopted by U.S. families.
        For more information, visit our Hosting Program information page.
    Read stories about Russian orphans and orphanages
         Read more about our ministry to Russian orphans, personal orphan life
    stories, and about the work of our ministry partners:  click here.