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Helping Russian orphans...
Big Family is an outreach ministry to Russian orphans.  We provide financial
and prayer support to churches in Russia who reach out to love and to help
orphans. Donations to Big Family Mission go directly to help provide the love of
Christ through regular visits and establishing friendships with the children.  Big
Family celebrates the lives of Russian orphans through monthly birthday
parties.  Other activities for orphans that are sponsored by Big Family include
summer camp, field trips, Christmas parties, Christmas gifts, and "fruit days".

Helping Russian orphanages
Many Russian orphanages have a long list of needs that are not being met:  
building renovations, plumbing repair, washing machines, access to hot water,
showers, toilets, refurbishing and equipping of activity rooms for the children,
new beds for children, and the list goes on.  Some of Big Family's projects
have included:  providing washing machine for an orphanage, installing
computers, installing a bathroom including a shower, refurbishing of activity
rooms, providing beds, blankets, and pillows, providing locks needed for some
of the rooms, providing lockers, and buying sports equipment and games.

Focusing on changing lives
Big Family works with older children (ages 5 to 16).  Some of these children
may be adopted, but most will live their entire life in an orphanage setting.  
When they "graduate" at age 15 or 16, they are not prepared to make it on
their own.  Big Family works with various foster home agencies, has
established a Big Family foster home, and encourages and supports programs
that bridge the gap between orphanage graduation and adulthood.  It's
important to improve the living conditions of orphans, but building better
orphanages is not a long-term solution.  Our vision is to provide a family for
every Russian orphan!

How Big Family Mission got started...
Like any children’s story, we could begin the Big Family story with “once upon
a time”.  Once upon a time, we (Dianne and Ken) prayed that God would give
us a vision and a mission in life, and the burning desire to carry out that
vision.    Almost 10 years later, in 2004, we officially introduced Big Family, a
mission outreach to orphan children in Russia.  The story of what happened
between “prayer” and “birth” is a long one, and if you want to know the "full
story", invite us to come to your church or civic group to talk about Big Family
Mission.  Our work with Russian orphans started with an orphanage east of St.
Petersburg, Russia, and we have gradually expanded to other orphanages in
the St. Petersburg area.  Big Family works through churches in Russia,
providing financial encouragement and prayer for Christian volunteers who go
into the orphanages to spread the light and love of Jesus.
Initially our mission focused on improving the living conditions of the orphans
and providing necessities that are often in short supply in the orphanages.  We
continue to minister to orphans and orphanages in this manner, but now we
also seek opportunities to promote foster homes, adoptions, transitional
homes, and mentoring programs for orphans.  Our ultimate goal is to see
every Russian orphan in a family.  It is impossible for us to accomplish this
goal, but with God, all things are possible!

How we are organized...
Big Family Mission is officially organized as a mission society, and we now
enjoy the participation of believers from many different denominations.  
We have come to realize that involvement in a mission to orphan children can
greatly bless those who are the "missionaries"; therefore, we encourage you
and your church to get involved with us.  We used to pray for finances for Big
Family Mission, but now we pray for people like yourself who will join us in this
important work into which God has called us.  We praise our Father God "who
sets the solitary in families"!  (Psalm 68)  Will you join with us?  

Financial information...
If at some point you decide that it is God's will that you give a financial gift to
Big Family Mission, it will be tax deductible because of Big Family's status as a
mission society.

All administrative expenses of the ministry are paid by the founders of the
ministry and through special donations.  This allows 100% of donations
designated for orphan support to be used to help the orphans.

The vision of BIG FAMILY

Our vision:

A home and a family for every Russian orphan.

The mission of BIG FAMILY

Our mission:

Through the goodness and grace of God:

  • To link U.S. churches and volunteers with Russian and Eastern Europe  
    churches and volunteers who minister to orphans;

  • To provide Family Friends who will pray and help provide support for
    Russian orphans and orphanages;

  • To encourage Russian Christians to consider becoming fosters parents;

  • To encourage the adoption of Russian orphans, particularly the older
    children who normally are not considered;  

  • To promote awareness of the vicious cycle of the Russian orphanage

Our mission and vision are based on James 1:27 (AMP):  

Worship that is pure and unblemished in the sight of God the father is
this:  to visit and help and care for the widows and orphans in their
affliction and need….”