Start an
ministry in
your church

    Churches all across America and around the world are obeying
    God's command to care for orphans.  More and more churches
    now have ministers or ministries in their congregation who focus
    on orphan care and adoption.

    During recent years, several larger ministries have developed an
    abundance of resource materials for those who wish to start an
    orphan ministry in their church.

    Check out resources available through:

  • Orphan Care Resources, a website specifically designed to list
    organizations and resources for orphan care and adoptions.

    If you would have questions or need assistance from Big Family
    Mission to help in starting an orphan ministry in your church,
    please send us an email and we will help you in any way we can.

    We can help you set up a Big Family Mission child sponsorship
    program in your church, or we can help with setting up an orphan
    ministry that is not linked to Big Family.