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Do it now for "one of the least of these"...

    Sponsor a Russian orphan ministry team...
    CLICK HERE to learn more about joining BIG FAMILY MISSION and becoming a BIG
    FAMILY friend!  BIG FAMILY friends pray for Russian orphans and help with financial
    needs of orphans and orphanages in Russia. 100% of donations to BIG FAMILY go
    directly to help provide the love of Christ through our volunteers who visit the children
    regularly and establish lasting friendships.  Big Family Mission also supports and
    encourages foster home programs, mentoring programs, transitional homes, and

    Start a ministry to orphans in your church...
    Are you willing to tell others about the needs of orphans and to distribute information
    about Big Family Mission to your family, friends, and fellow church members?  Will you
    encourage others to become a part of Big Family Mission?  God promises in His word
    that He will bless the works of your hands when you minister to orphans and widows!   
    This is a wonderful opportunity to be blessed by serving "the least of these"!  Please
    CLICK HERE if you would like to start a ministry to Russian orphans.

    Invite us to speak at your church or Sunday School...
    You can invite Dianne and Ken to come to your church or Sunday School or other
    group to present information about Big Family Mission.  Although we are physically
    located in eastern Pennsylvania, we are open to possibilities of meeting with those who
    are interested in different areas of the U.S.  We pay for our own travel expenses when
    we make church presentations, so you have "nothing to lose"!  From our past
    experience, we believe that your group will be greatly blessed to hear about
    opportunities to help Russian orphans.  Call us (610-285-8542) or e-mail us so we can
    discuss possibilities:

    Your special gift can do so much!
    We encourage you to join Big Family Mission before you consider giving to the
    Mission.  If you are interested in learning more about making a donation,  CLICK HERE.

    Most important of all: pray for us!
    You can pray for BIG FAMILY!  We very much appreciate your prayers for this ministry,
    its volunteers, its Family Friends, and all of the children.  Will you let us know you are
    praying for the Mission by completing our contact form?  It is a great encouragement for
    us to know that we are being blessed with your prayers!  CLICK HERE to let us know
    you are praying for BIG FAMILY Mission.