Russia with no orphans!
Meet Ivan and family
IVAN IKLYUSHIN will lead the "Russia with no orphans" project and Big
Family Mission's work in Russia, beginning in 2011.  Above, Ivan enjoys a
spring day in his parents' apple garden with his wife Tanya, and their
daughters Vera and Liza.  
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35 orphans adopted in one small church in Russia
        We just heard the amazing story of a small church in Russia whose
    members have adopted 35 children from the local orphanage, and now the
    orphanage is almost empty!
        This kind of orphan rescue can be repeated in churches all around
        The country is ready.  In his annual address to Russia's citizens,
    President Medvedev remarked:  "In our country, unfortunately, there are
    still ... children, who remain without a family; they have neither parents nor
    guardians. They are denied the most important thing: family warmth.  There
    should be no un-adopted children in our country."
        The church in Russia is ready.  More and more churches are teaching
    about God's love for orphans and how God wants orphans to have a loving
        Big Family Mission is ready.  Beginning in 2011, we will focus on
    encouraging more churches in Russia to bring about a "Russia with no
        God is moving!  The churches of Russia are moving!
        Now, we ask for your help.  
        First, and of most vital importance:  will you pray for a Russia with no
    orphans?  During the nine years we have been working in Russia, we have
    seen so many mountains moved by prayer!  Working with our own human
    ideas and efforts, a "Russia with no orphans" is impossible.  But, with God,
    all things are possible.
        And, if you feel that God is leading you to help with our mission to bring
    about "Russia with no orphans", will you consider making a gift to help us
    get started with all of the vital work that needs to be done?
    Your gift will be used:

  • To take information about the opportunity to adopt into every church
    in Russia;
  • To provide training and adoption support for Christian families who
    wish to adopt orphans;
  • To help with immediate and emergency household and personal
    needs of families who are adopting orphans; and
  • To train church leaders how to encourage and assist their
    congregations to get involved in orphan adoption.

        To make a secure online gift with your credit card, click on the Donate

        If you prefer to contribute via regular mail, your check can be mailed to
    the address below.  All gifts are tax deductible in the United States.

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    Volunteers & International Coordinators
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    Kutztown, PA 19530
    Telephone:  +1 610 285 8542
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