Experiencing God’s amazing grace
at the Grace Center in Russia!
Lena from Grace Center helps Lisa shop for baby
clothing.  God’s grace flowed to Lisa through a generous
gift by one of our Big Family friends.

        Big Family Mission has been partnering with the Grace Center in St.
    Petersburg for almost a year now.
        For me (Ken) it has been a big blessing and a humbling experience as
    we watch God’s work through Grace Center unfold.  Ask Dianne: She will
    tell you that I want to explain everything in a logical manner.  Yes, I want to
    say the Grace Center does “this, and this, and this”.  It has these goals: 1,
    2, 3, 4, etc.  But, praise God!  There is nothing logical about the Amazing
    Grace that God provides to each of us.  And, in similar fashion, we have
    found that the work and love extended by the Grace Center cannot be
    reduced to a simple formula.
        In the time we have partnered with the Grace Center, Big Family has:
    •        helped a young woman decide to keep her baby and provided clothes
    and furnishings as well as a temporary home for mom and baby;
    •        provided food for a single mom with 4 children who couldn’t work
    because she broke her leg;
    •        helped hold a Christmas celebration for single mothers and
    orphanage graduates;
    •        helped an orphanage dropout decide to keep her baby and join the
    Center’s young mother’s program;
    •        helped treat an orphan with cerebral palsy to her first-ever excursion
    to a supermarket; and
    •        and assisted with the many other acts of grace that flow from the aptly
    named Grace Center.
        We thank all of you who pray and contribute to help with the work of the
    Grace Center!

    Adelia is a Christian mother with four children.  She is educated as an
    engineer but now works as a housekeeper.  Her husband left her and the
    children. When she broke her leg, she had to be off work for two months.
    Big Family helped Grace Center provide food for Adelia and her children.


    The young lady in this photo (Uliana) is near and dear to our hearts.  We
    first met Uliana when she was nine years old and an orphan at the
    Kommunar Internat School.  At age 16, Uliana became pregnant and had to
    drop out of the orphanage school at Jukki.  Uliana has had a faithful Big
    Family sponsor who has prayed much for her over the years.  The Grace
    Center worked with Uliana to help her decide not to have an abortion.  Now
    she has her baby girl Alina, and Alina’s father has married Uliana. She
    participates in the program for young mothers at the Grace Center.